Bonjour De France- A Journey that Awaits…

France is world’s finest destination where beauty begins!! It has one of the incredible places with huge attraction for art galleries, museums, historical monuments, churches, amusement park and theme park. France is among the most romantic places well known for its diverse culture, magnificent sculptures, compelling lifestyle & world famous cuisine.

France main attraction lies in city Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Biarritz, Arles, Strasbourg, Cannes, Lyon and Marseille. Some of its exhilarating places to explore are:

Eiffel Tower: Eiffel Tower is the beauty of Paris. The breathtaking masterpiece is often termed as symbol of love & relationship, where the sparkling charm & beauty spreads in air, making one to fall in love with the sky bizarre.

Museum Louvre: Museum Louvre is a Glass Pyramid; it’s World’s biggest museum and divine monument, having its most excellent art collections like- Virgin of the Rocks, The Inverted Pyramid, Mona Lisa & many Greece, Egyptian sculptures.

Mont St. Michel: It is a fine-looking castle constructed on tiny Island surrounded by water all around. The structure is amazingly created and its beauty is beyond words.

Lourdes: Lourdes draws large number of pilgrims from around the world every year. People take ritual bath as the water of Lourdes pool is believed to have great healing power.

Carcassonne: Carcassonne has outstanding architecture. Many open-air theatre and cultural events are conducted and is a great place for music lovers.

Disneyland Park: It is one of the top destinations of Europe. It’s a theme park featuring live characters & statue from Walt Disney. One can have great fun time with family & loved ones & get lost in thrilling rides.

Versailles Palace: The palace of royal Versailles is another magnum opus; it has stunning paintings & sculptures. The Hall of Mirrors, Grant Apartments & carved backyard are mind-boggling.

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