Ganesh Chaturthi-2014

Some Underlying Facts Associated With One Of The Greatest Indian Festival

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the greatest celebrations in India. Like other Hindu festival, the Ganesh Chaturthi also marks the victory of good over evil and showers the blessings of Lord Ganesh among the masses. However, there are some philosophies behind this celebration unknown to the lot. According to the mythology, the origin of Lord Ganesh is in the form of a sandalwood idol made by her creator Goddess Parvati. This festival is celebrated in almost every domestic household in Maharashtra. It is also celebrated in many other states of India as well like the Southern states but Maharashtra simply rules in Ganesh Chaturthi celebration.

Ganesh Chaturthi celebration

In Maharashtra, the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi commences with the worshippers installing the idol of the Lord. In domestic households the next few days the family members, relatives and neighbours celebrate the occasion with puja and Darshan of the Lord. After a specific period, the worshippers immerse the idol in any local water body. The local committees, clubs and societies follow the same rituals at a grand scale. The Southern states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc. also celebrate the puja in an elegant manner. They offer the popular sweet dish called Modagam.

Rules and prohibitions

Maharashtra plays an important role in the festival in Ganesh Chaturthi. The festival first started in Maharashtra. This event not only shows devotion of the masses to the Lord but also marks the prosperity of Indian culture and heritage. One of the important personalities to publicize this event was Lokmanya Tilak. There is a rule in this festival that during this festival people are not allowed to look at the sky at night time. The rule is because the festival prohibits you to see the moon. The festival also follows the strict rule of showing four hands in the idol of Lord Ganesh.

Offerings of South India

In Andhra Pradesh, the worshippers mainly do the puja in domestic households. Tamil Nadu also celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi in a grand way. The Ganesh temples witness huge gathering while there is ample display of sweets, Modak and ladoo which the people share among each other. In Kerala, you will witness the auspicious milk abhishekam of the Lord. The localities witness fairs and social events like drama and dance.

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