Learn to pack perfectly for the best travel experience

Travelling is fun, and allows you a chance to discover a new culture, meet new people, experiment with new tastes and fashions, and enjoy the beauty that these places have to offer. A poorly packed luggage can ruin all of this and leave you angry and tired as you move from destination to another, just waiting for the trip to get over, so that you can finally stop carrying the heavy bag. Learn from the experts, and make sure that you have the perfect luggage for your next trip:

1. Keep it light: This is the single most important thing that you need to keep in mind when packing. Every single one of the most well known travellers in the world has this as their first advice when it comes to packing. If possible, travel with just one bag. Expert traveller has already proven that a bag is all you need even for trips that last more than a month.

You will save time and money when you travel with a single bag, not to mention your energy. If two bags are an absolute must, make it a large backpack, and a light bag you can carry for your daily use when travelling.

2. Invest in clothes that dry quickly and can be packed tightly: Avoid cotton cloths, if you can. Synthetic fibres will always dry faster, and make doing laundry a lot more convenient. Also keep a laundry bag with you so that your used clothes do not end up dirtying your clean ones.

3. Carry layers: A shirt, a thin sweater and a light fleece jacket will keep you warmer than a single thick jacket. They will also take up lesser space, and you can always use them independently as per your need. Do not forget to carry a waterproof jacket as you never know when you will be caught up in the rain.

4. Learn the magic combination: The ideal clothes ratio for any trip is always 2 denim jeans or pants, 3-6 shirts, a sweater, and a light jacket. This will last you a week with ease, and when staying longer, you can always wash them before putting them on again. Do not forget to pack at least 3 socks. A hat is also a must carry, and will help you avoid getting tanned too much. Carry two shoes at a minimum; a pair of regular leather shoe, and a pair of hiking shoes when you are feeling a little adventurous.

5. Know how to pack it all well: If you are opting for the single bag only rule, all of your cloths will easily fit in a backpack. Buy a bag that you can put in the overhead compartment, avoiding you the hassle of checking it in everywhere. Keep your shoes at the bottom in a polythene, and top it off with clothes, the heavier ones first and then light clothes like shirts and T shirts.

Make a check list of things and gadgets that you absolutely cannot do without, and include them in your luggage. Here’s a handy list that will help you get started:

  • First aid kit: You can slip and fall anywhere, or require medical care. The first aid kit ensures that you can manage the everyday injuries on your own.
  • Swiss Knife: Like the ads say, be prepared for anything!
  • Mini immersion rod: Maybe you want to make tea or coffee, or need hot water to cook your instant noodles. The mini immersion rod is convenient, and highly portable.
  • Power for your gadgets: A power bank will ensure that your phone or camera does not die while the day is only half done. While you are packing the power bank, also throw in a universal power adapter for those countries where voltage ratings and outlets may be different.
  • Hand sanitizer: This one is an obvious thing to pack when you are travelling. Safety first!
  • Food: If you do not mind experimenting with food, you can skip this. But if you are a vegetarian, or a vegan, keep some snacks with you, as you won’t always find restaurants that cater to your diet.

Travel light, and pack according to where you are going, and when packing, only carry things that you will be using frequently!

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