Princely states in India: The Heritage unexplored

India has always been an unexplored heritage because of its vast expanse of Heritage, cultures, religions and the large no of small principalities that existed in India. India has been a land of cultures, traditions, architectures and what not. India is a country which you can’t find anywhere in the world. That’s why we say Incredible India. India’s long drawn history has been an advantageous to the country in many ways though it had its own disadvantages. While those disadvantages have been removed in the last 66 years of independence but the advantages of those long drawn wars, struggles and rule are still visible in India. India has been home to a large no of rulers from all over the world. Starting from the Turks, Irani’s, Mughals, English, Portugal, French and Dutch, these are just the invaders above these we had around 550 principalities at the time of Independence. All of these carried their own architecture, culture, traditions and built a different and large no of marvels.
You might have visited some of the great principalities of India like the famous city of Udaipur, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Junagarh, jaisalmer, Mysore, Punjab and many more. Well here we attempt to explore some of these places and the other some unexplored princely heritages that one should visit in ones visit to India. These heritages are well preserved and will give you the real glimpse of the India art and architecture. These are all varied and will definitely awestruck you and you will take away some of the best experiences of your Life. The most important thing to notice in these marvels is that to imagine how they would have managed such marvels at that time with so much of precision and creativity without any modern technology so much so that they stand erect and in well conditions even after thousands of years.
So let’s begin our journey to the unexplored world of India.

Mysore: Mysore at that time and even town was the most modern state. Mysore is famous for the Mysore Palace that is just a magnificent and a beautiful piece of artwork. If you want to see the Mysore’s Richness and the old Raja- maharaja culture then one must never miss the Dusherra Celebration of Mysore.

Bhavnagar: Bhavnagar is a beautiful principality in Gujarat nearby to Gandhinagar. Bhavnagar’s palace has been converted into a five star hotel and is definitely a worth stay. If you want to enjoy the richness of this place then one must visit the place during the time of navaratris’s. Gujarat is already known for its navaratri celebration and if you visit Bhavnagar then it would be cherry on the top.
Junagarh: It is again a principality in Gujarat. The place is famous for its palaces and the rich architecture that it provides. The architecture Is very well preserved and provides you the richness of the then Maharajas of this place. You can see the luxury in which they used to live and enjoy their life.

Udaipur: Udaipur is considered till now a principality due to its richness and exiguity. The place is famously known as the City Of Palaces. There are a large no of palaces that you can visit, most of them has been converted into hotels, but the most beautiful and the worth to stay is the famous lake palace which is situated in the midst of the lake.

There are many other places in India that one can visit but the richness of India can’t be covered in one Life. You point out one place on the map of the earth and Indians will tell you the history of that place. Some of the other places include the areas of Delhi and Agra, and then in the south you can enjoy the Nizams in Hyderabad which is also quite famous for its palaces. You can even enjoy the style and the richness of the present Rajas by seeing their present life in places like Udaipur, Jaipur and many more. Hence India is famous for its wide range of the principalities, so just visit these places if you want to get the real taste of India within India.

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