Salute to Indian Contingent- Remarkable Performance at 17th Asia Games at Incheon

With the engagements at 17th Asian Games completed  on the 4th of October,  India stands at position  8th  in the 2014 Incheon games by winning a double gold in the strong game of Kabaddi, both from the women and men’s team. The total of 57 medal that include 37 bronze, 9 silver and 11 gold, you might think that it is simply too weak when compared to giants like China and Korea. With Japan set to the third position, it was quite surprising and amazing to see Kazakhstan to be in the 4th position.

India strong at the 8th position

India showed some good performances and some disappointing ones here. It was of course a promising event for all those Indian participants who were one from the 45 countries who participated here.

Let’s check out what was the proud moment for us.

Yes, the Prime Minister has congratulated the men and women Kabaddi teams for their gold win, saying it was a phenomenal accomplishment on the day 14th of the Asian games. Mary Kom – the 5 times winner of World Champion won gold and made Indians proud. Watching her was amazing and people truly enjoyed her box towards victory.

History was made with yet another sports and that was Men’s hockey, who won gold after almost 16 years that too against traditional rival Pakistan. Of course, Indians were not only proud, but enjoyed every bit of the game.

The celebrated moments were in the fields like archery, athletics, shooting, squash, tennis and wrestling. Of course there were silver and the bronze medals as well.

Indian sportspersons have done well for the country with their hard work and determination. Some truly surprising wins and comeback from the Hockey teams have made Indians proud.

But Behind this happy and glorious moment there lies the bitter side of Asian games

Sarita Devi may have got a punch directly on her face, yet she won millions of hearts back home, when she voiced her opinion about the biased judgment of the judges at the boxing event. She won a bronze due to it and refused to wear it. After which AIBA threatened to ban her if she did not apologize and she succumbed to pressure and accepted the medal with a apology.

The whole incident took India by shock and got many sympathetic views from her fellow countrymen. But what was shameful was the peculiar behavior of the officials at the event and the non-supportive stand taken by them towards the sportsperson who is a world class athlete. Whatever the outcome of the game was, whatever might be the reason, what the Indians feel is that the officials should have been her strong support and now with the fine that she has to pay, it has left a bad taste among Indians.

A promising boxer and a strong personality that she is, a strong protest should have been carried out then and there and not made Sarita apologize for something that was not her fault.

Although there have been some disappointments from the expected corners, the games were amazing and now gearing themselves for the next big event.


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