Watch out for the grand event – Asian games, Korea


Yes, the world is waiting with anticipation for the opening ceremony of the 17th Asian games that will take place in Incheon, Korea on the 19th of September 2014. Korea is all prepared to receive the guest, the participants and hold the ceremony on a grand scale and why not, the country has already hosted Asian Games event many times before one in Seoul in 1986 and in 2002 in Pusan.

History of Incheon, Korea

Incheon city of Korea is an ancient city with a history from New Stone age. The city was a witness to the Battle of Chemulpo Bay. It was known by the name of Gyeongwon or Inju and was originally a part of Gyeonggi province and was granted the status of City in 1981.

Incheon at its best

The adrenalin rush is there and when you enter the city, you get to see the marvelous planning and the details that have been looked after as this is the largest sports event in the continent of Asia. A huge turnout is expected in this beautiful city that is a tourist attraction as well. Korea is a significant country in Asia and has been aggressive in promoting sports and events on a global scale. With greater experience and expertise, the country is expecting another successful sports event this year.

Event details

Incheon is preparing for the participation of approximately 20,000 participants with 13,000 athletes not to forget 7,000 media persons, officials from various nations, guests, visitors, delegates and many more. With the slogan of Diversity Shines Here, Incheon moves forward with the games that will be showcase around 36 sports on 49 competition venues and 23 new stadiums that are truly futuristic and modern in all sense. 45 nations will be participating in the Asian games.

The attractive emblem of 17th Asian games takes shape of letter ‘A’ to symbolize the countries of Asia that hold hands together soaring towards a bright future. The Mascot design is inspired by harbor seals that inhibit the free travelling between two Koreas.

There are 54 training venues for the sports persons and well trained staff to look after the management and the proceedings of the events. Experts have even gone to the lengths saying that the event will be an example for future Asian Games in terms of cost – effectiveness and creativity.

The ceremony of course will be a spectacular one that will be awaited by one and all. Soprano Jo Sumi will be singing at the opening ceremony along Psy with his ‘Gangnam style’ and with other celebrities too. The closing ceremony will take place on the 4th of October 2014.


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